Mike Stathopoulos

Dave Yamamoto

Dwayne Miller
Vice President

–––Special Recognition–––

Keane Murakami
Side Pot & Brackets

Rocco Fasone
Side Pot & Brackets

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• Summer League •
begins May 9th

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Beginning our 30th Year!

1st Place – C U Next Thursday  $655.00
Vacancy - Alex Viduetsky - Christi Herrejon - Dan Kihiczak
2nd Place – Easy Pickup  $620.00
David Matwijkow - Tim Peters - Jim Foltyn - Tony Laanan
3rd Place – Fa-La-La's Tramp  $620.00
Felicia Harrison - Yan Cameron - Rocco Fasone - Keane Murakami
Team Handicap Series – Easy Pickup (2888)
David Matwijkow - Tim Peters - Jim Foltyn - Tony Laanan
Team Handicap Game – The Fagulous Four (1080)
Kevin Eiffert - Dimitrius Sharp - Vanda Jones - Steven Nielsen
Men's Handicap Series
Paul Magaletta858
Women's Handicap Series
Carol Daugherty758
Men's Handicap Game
Tom Sardo321
Women's Handicap Game
Bonita Alford310
May 16Ed Mario
May 23Michael Williamson
May 30Bonita Alford
June 6Jason White
June 13Brian R.
June 20Jim Fall
MAY 9th
Thank you STEPHEN MATEREK for last week's great music mix!
Do you want to DJ?  Reserve your spot with Mike Stathopoulos

Congratulations to the following Winners...

SIDE POT   $27 each winner 4/11/2019
Game 1 Stephen Materek   260   (189 + 71 hdcp)
Game 2 Michael Gehrke   257   (scratch)
Game 3 Dave Yamamoto   280   (244 + 36 hdcp)
BRACKETS 4/11/2019
• 1st Place = $20    • 2nd Place = $10
John Harding240
Jimmy Doonan183
Michael Gehrke234
Larry Potter188
Michael Gehrke234
Alex Crabtree187
Ryoji Okabe251
Drew Samparani241
Keane Murakami267
Ryoji Okabe251
Michael Gurrieri226
Will Petrasich187
Michael Gurrieri226
Larry Potter186
Rocco Fasone241
Michael Gurrieri226
Rocco Fasone241
Michael Gehrke234
April 14 Tammie Luciano
April 16 Anthony Pico
April 17 Sandi Ker
April 17 Stephen Materek
April 21 Michael Gurrieri
April 26 Paul Trombetta
May 9 Caryn Thomason
May 12 Kevin Eiffert
May 15 Michael Clark
May 21 Eric Hartmann