Mike Malone
Mike Malone

Dave Yamamoto
Dave Yamamoto
Secretary & Treasurer

Dwayne Miller
Dwayne Miller
VP & Webmaster

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Lee Straus    Keane Murakami
Lee Straus        Keane    
Music DJ       Side Pot

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No Bowling on July 2nd

Congratulations to our most recent Winners!

Jeff Tanner    $140.00

SIDE POT   $24 each winner
Game 1 Ryoji Okabe   263   (225 + 38 hdcp)
Game 2 Andrew Turczyn   309   (278 + 31 hdcp)
Game 3 Brian Patterson   235   (scratch)
July 4 Bob Thomas
July 8 Mike Malone
July 22 Thomas Workman
July 23 Antonio Bouet
July 23 John McCann
August 9 Christian Ramos
August 10 John DeWitt
August 10 Michael Williamson
August 11 Randy Glass
August 17 Randy Sawchuk