Mike Stathopoulos
Mike Stathopoulos

Dave Yamamoto
Dave Yamamoto
Secretary / Treasurer

Dwayne Miller
Dwayne Miller
Vice President

–––Special Recognition–––
Keane    Rocco
Keane Murakami  Rocco Fasone
Side Pot & Brackets

We still have room for new bowlers.
Grab your balls, and let's bowl

• Fall/Winter LGBT League •
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ALL LEVELS of bowling experience welcomed.

• 2018 Year-end Schedule •

November 15SCBL 9pm
November 22BYE WEEK - Happy Thanksgiving
November 29SCBL 9pm
December 6SCBL 9pm
December 13BYE WEEK - Happy Holidays
December 20BYE WEEK - Happy Holidays
December 27BYE WEEK - Happy Holidays
January 3SCBL 9pm

Dec 6Bonita Alford
Jan 3Tim Flannery
Jan 10Brian Patterson
Jan 17Neil Inman
Jan 24Brit Billeaud
Jan 31Scott Albright
Thank you TIM PETERS for last week's great music mix!

Congratulations to the following Winners!

50/50 11/15/2018
Jarrod Shelton    $278.00
Scott Albright   $1140.00 Strike-pot!
SIDE POT   $19 each winner 11/8/2018
Game 1 Neil Inman   256   (scratch)
Game 2 Neil Inman   264   (264 + 0 hdcp)
Game 3 Keane Murakami   265   (224 + 41 hdcp)
BRACKETS 11/8/2018
• 1st Place = $20    • 2nd Place = $10
Keane Murakami224
Neil Inman202
Keane Murakami265
Jonny Wolke237
Alex Crabtree272
Keane Murakami265
Keane Murakami265
Tim Peters233
Bill Gillis260
John Harding191
Neil Inman202
Jonny Wolke179
Alex Crabtree272
Keane Murakami265
Rocco Fasone210
George Khalil207
Shann Spencer236
Michael Malone215
Anthony Pico241
Jonny Wolke237
November 13 John Ainsworth
November 17 John Bevis
November 21 Richard Lovato
November 26 Paul Brown
November 26 Robert Webb
November 30 Arch Jungers
December 10 Dave Yamamoto
December 12 Jonathan Belhoul
December 12 Paul Magaletta
December 12 Tim Stake