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Mike Stathopoulos

Dave Yamamoto
Dave Yamamoto
Secretary / Treasurer

Dwayne Miller
Dwayne Miller
Vice President / Webmaster

–––Special Recognition–––
Keane    Rocco
Keane Murakami  Rocco Fasone
Side Pot & Brackets

July 4th Mini-Tournament

$500 Guaranteed Prize Fund!

Click here for more details
or email lassibowl@gmail.com

Week 06 - 06/23/2016 Standings have been posted. Click here.

July 7Michael Williamson
July 14Drew Samparani
July 21Andrew Turczyn
July 28Dan Oliva
Aug 4Rocco Fasone
Aug 11Bill O'Neill
JUNE 30th
Thank you STEPHEN MATEREK for last week's great music mix !

Congratulations to the following Winners!

50/50 6/23/2016
Keane Murakami    $144.00
- Keane   donated his winnings to the Pulse Victims Fund !!
Stephen Materek   $25 iTunes Gift Card
SIDE POT   $25 each winner 6/23/2016
Game 1 Brian Eilander   331   (279 + 52 hdcp)
Game 2 Rick Mallory   244   (scratch)
BRACKETS 6/23/2016
1st Place = $20     2nd Place = $10     Tie = $15 each
Brian Eilander283
Rocco Fasone189
Chris Bland270
Ryoji Okabe256
TieLarry Potter240
Rick Mallory240
Kevin Carr233
Rocco Fasone189
Freddie Alvarez212
George Khalil208
TieLarry Potter240
Rick Mallory240
July 2 Will Petrasich
July 4 Bob Thomas
July 17 Stephen Materek
July 22 Thomas Workman
July 23 John McCann
August 2 Jeff Rohr
August 4 Chris Ahearn
August 9 Christian Ramos
August 10 Michael Williamson
August 10 John DeWitt