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Mike Stathopoulos

Dave Yamamoto
Dave Yamamoto
Secretary / Treasurer

Dwayne Miller
Dwayne Miller
Vice President / Webmaster

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Keane    Rocco
Keane Murakami  Rocco Fasone
Side Pot & Brackets

Week 20 - 02/23/2017 Standings have been posted. Click here.

March 16Katrina Oskie
March 23Juan Lopez
March 30Scott Albright
April 6Brian Patterson
April 13Drew Samparani
April 20Stopedog
Thank you HENRY MORILLO for last week's great music mix !
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Congratulations to the following Winners!

50/50 2/23/2017
Larry Potter    $166.00
SIDE POT   $22 each winner 2/23/2017
Game 1 Brian Eilander   289   (scratch)
Game 2 Michael Gurrieri   283   (268 + 15 hdcp)
Game 3 Bob Thomas   246   (202 + 44 hdcp)
BRACKETS 2/23/2017
1st Place = $20     2nd Place = $10
Michael Gurrieri181
Michael Gehrke169
Marvin Nance237
Alex Crabtree235
Ryoji Okabe221
Michael Gurrieri196
Ryoji Okabe221
George Khalil209
Michael Gurrieri181
Rocco Fasone157
Marvin Nance237
Michael Gehrke194
Ryoji Okabe221
George Khalil209
Michael Malone230
George Khalil209
February 23 Neil Inman
February 26 Bill Gillis
March 1 Tom Sardo
March 3 Brandon Linville
March 16 Craig Dion
March 18 Ryoji Okabe
March 20 Rick Smith
March 27 Drew Samparani
March 28 Loren Miyake
April 1 David Bedrin