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Registration is OPEN for the next season!

The Fall/Winter League begins on September 25th!
You don't have to have a full team to join...we'll find one for you. Thursday Nights 9:00 PM - We're located at PINZ Bowling Center, next to Jerry's Deli in Studio City.

We do expect the league to max out again, so register now to secure your place. All levels of bowling experience welcomed.

Click here to join.

1st place – Use All 3 Holes  $400.00
John Glenn Harding - Will Hansen - Jared M. Trexel - Bill Gillis
2nd place – 4 Straight Pinz  $390.00
Karen Cowan - Shelby Troutwine - Reed Lamb - Norm Troutwine
3rd place – Harmonious Heathers  $390.00
Robert Browning - Dino Leonardi - Neil Inman - Jim Foltyn
Team Handicap Series – Harmonious Heathers (2727)
Robert Browning - Dino Leonardi - Neil Inman - Jim Foltyn
Team Handicap Game – Que Lastima Lo Siento (1008)
Brian Nelson - Brian Simily - Dave Postal - Steve Clark
Mens Handicap Series
Larry Potter765
Ladies Handicap Series
Angela Stansbery740
Mens Handicap Game
Neil Inman307
Ladies Handicap Game
Bonita Alford260

Congratulations to our most recent Winners!

No Play    

SIDE POT   $22 each winner
Game 1 Neil Inman   257   (scratch)
Game 2 Neil Inman   266   (258 + 8 hdcp)
Game 3 Neil Inman   286   (278 + 8 hdcp)
September 21 Angela Stansbery
September 30 Dino Leonardi
October 5 Brian DeShazor
October 9 Jim Foltyn
October 13 Scott Edwards
November 2 John Glenn Harding
November 4 Norm Troutwine
November 7 David Wright
November 7 Todd Parrill
November 17 Shelby Troutwine