SCBL is a member league of the International Gay Bowling Organization (IGBO).  Did you know...  as a SCBL bowler, you can bowl in any of the upcoming IGBO tournaments. Many tournaments offer discounted hotel rates, plus free transportation to & from the host hotel and bowling alley.

IGBO is the largest International Gay and Lesbian sports organization in existence today. Listed below are some local & most popular tournaments. For a COMPLETE list of tournaments, please visit:

Phoenix Regional Invitational Tournament (PRIT)
Location:Phoenix, AZ
Date(s):February 16, 2018
San Francisco Golden Gate Classic Invitational Tournament (GOLDENGATE)
Location:San Francisco, CA
Date(s):February 16, 2018
Gasparilla Annual Games Mixed Event (GAGME)
Location:Tampa, FL
Date(s):February 16, 2018
Silicon Valley Invitational Tournament (SVIT)
Location:San Jose, CA
Date(s):March 16, 2018
Dallas Area Masters Invitational Tournament (DAMIT)
Location:Richardson, TX
Date(s):March 24, 2018
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