Mike Stathopoulos
Mike Stathopoulos

Dave Yamamoto
Dave Yamamoto
Secretary / Treasurer

Dwayne Miller
Dwayne Miller
Vice President

–––Special Recognition–––
Keane    Rocco
Keane Murakami  Rocco Fasone
Side Pot & Brackets

Bye Week

• No Bowling on October 25th •

*Week 05 - 10/18/2018* Standings have been posted. Click here.

Nov 8Michael Williamson
Nov 15Tim Peters
Nov 29Larry Potter
Dec 6Drew Samparani
Jan 3Tim Flannery
Jan 10Brian Patterson
Thank you CAROL DAUGHERTY for last week's great music mix!

Congratulations to the following Winners!

50/50 10/18/2018
Michael Gehrke    $179.00
No Winner   Strike-pot $450.00 carries over to next week!
SIDE POT   $20 each winner 10/18/2018
Game 1 Michael Malone   307   (247 + 60 hdcp)
Game 2 Neil Inman   243   (scratch)
Game 3 George Khalil   279   (234 + 45 hdcp)
BRACKETS 10/18/2018
• 1st Place = $20    • 2nd Place = $10
Neil Inman259
Michael Gurrieri249
Jonny Wolke222
Michael Gehrke194
George Khalil279
Keane Murakami234
Paul Magaletta268
Jonny Wolke222
Neil Inman259
Rocco Fasone193
Paul Magaletta268
John Harding229
Michael Gurrieri264
Rocco Fasone216
Keane Murakami234
Michael Malone213
George Khalil279
Michael Malone213
October 16 Frank Pittelli
October 19 Juan Lopez
October 21 Dan Oliva
October 27 Ian Benchwick
October 27 Jenny Obst
November 2 John Harding
November 2 Michael Gehrke
November 3 Thomas Twentyman
November 6 Donald Pinegar
November 10 Mike West