Mike Stathopoulos

Carol Daugherty

Larry Potter

–––Special Recognition–––

Tim Peters
Side Pot & Brackets

• Fall/Winter Gay League •

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Grab your balls, and let's bowl

ALL LEVELS of bowling experience welcomed.

Congratulations to the following Winners...

50/50 3/4/2020
Karen Gannon    $205
STRIKE POT 3/4/2020
Roger Arquinez - Missed    $1010
May 26 David Moonjian
June 5 Karen Cowan
June 6 Wilmer Navas
June 14 Larry Potter
June 16 Mike Stathopoulos
July 8 James Wagner
July 8 Michael Malone
July 9 Drew Lichvar
July 11 Tim Peters
July 22 Thomas Workman