Mike Stathopoulos
Mike Stathopoulos

Dave Yamamoto
Dave Yamamoto
Secretary / Treasurer

Dwayne Miller
Dwayne Miller
Vice President

–––Special Recognition–––
Keane    Rocco
Keane Murakami  Rocco Fasone
Side Pot & Brackets

*Week 12 - 01/10/2019* Standings have been posted. Click here.

Jan 24Brit Billeaud
Jan 31Scott Albright
Feb 7Juan Lopez
Feb 14Johnny Grady
Feb 21Brian Rabolli
Feb 28Will Petrasich
Thank you BRIAN PATTERSON for last week's great music mix!

Congratulations to the following Winners!

50/50 1/10/2019
Juan Lopez    $164.00
Strike-pot   $290.00 carries over - No winner
SIDE POT   $25 each winner 1/10/2019
Game 1 Michael Gurrieri   268   (254 + 14 hdcp)
Game 2 Michael Gurrieri   210   (scratch)
Game 3 George Khalil   263   (225 + 38 hdcp)
BRACKETS 1/10/2019
• 1st Place = $20    • 2nd Place = $10
George Khalil263
Michael Gurrieri180
George Khalil263
Michael Gurrieri180
George Khalil263
Rick Mallory250
Rick Mallory250
Steven Nielsen243
Bill Gillis249
Shann Spencer191
Chris Bland214
Michael Gurrieri166
Chris Bland246
David Matwijkow241
Michael Malone208
Keane Murakami204
George Khalil263
Will Petrasich207
George Khalil263
Keane Murakami204
January 12 Richard Reinhardt
January 20 Rick Mallory
January 20 Roberto James
January 29 Brian Reynolds
February 1 Parry Strain
February 4 Brit Billeaud
February 5 Luke Greenfield
February 7 Brian Patterson
February 8 Shawn Ryan
February 10 Brian Rabolli